Inspirational Saying – Change

“That’s the risk you take if you change: that people you’ve been involved with won’t like the new you. But other people who do will come along.”
– Lisa Alther

When you have a big goal or dream, it’s only natural to want those closest to you to cheer you on. Yet sometimes the opposite happens.

A big goal requires us to grow and change. Our changing can be a threat to family and friends. Our family may have to take on more responsibilities to allow us to go for our goal. Our friends may want to hold us back as our going for it reflects back to them where they aren’t going for it.

Don’t let that stop you though. While your kids may not appreciate it now, imagine the example set if a former couch potato parent decides to train for and compete in a 5K run or triathlon.

As for friends, you’ll find ones who play at your new level. Years ago I remember a fellow volunteer, who in addition to the 10 or so hours of volunteering a week and a full-time job – decided to go back to school! Most of us thought she was crazy but then we realized she was showing us that we had no excuses for not doing what we wanted to do. Having a full-time job and a part-time volunteer schedule were only excuses.

What are your thoughts on this quote? Have you experienced people not liking the new you? Have you found new friends who do love the new you?

I’d love to hear you thoughts!

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