Success Resources

In order to grow, we need to keep learning and putting what we learn into action. Here are some success resources that you may find of value.

Personal Success
Inspiring Books, Movies and Pictures
Relaxation and Meditation
Vision and Dream Boards

Before Buying a Product

How many times have you purchased a product but never used it? If you have, you’re not alone. Just buying a product can make many people feel better initially.

Ask yourself these questions before buying a product.

1. What do you want or need to learn?

2. Do you have any products on this skill or topic already?
If yes – go to a. If no, go to 3.

a. Have you listened to, read or watched this product?
If yes, go to b. If no, go to c.

b. Have you applied what you learned from this product?
If yes – go to 3.
If no, apply it before buying a new product.

c. Use the product before buying a new product.

3. Will the product you’re looking at teach you what you want or need to learn?

If yes, consider buying the product.

If maybe or I don’t know, find out more about the product. Read testimonials and reviews.

If no, look for a different one.