Why This Site Was Created

What better way to start the day than to be inspired? To reflect on wise words or to be still while gazing at a beautiful photograph. To open your heart while watching an inspiring video clip.

My Hope For You

My hope is that you find a quote, photo, story or words that connects you with your source of inspiration that lives deep within you. I also hope that you are inspired to bring more of who you are into the world by living your unique gifts. We each have unique gifts and when we live them our heart sings.

I believe if more of us lived our unique talents and followed our bliss, we could transform the world. If each of us is a candle, then by our example we can show another and one day the whole world is enlightened.

You do make a difference. We’re each a diamond in the rough. Buffing (rubbing up against ‘our stuff’ and risking etc.) allows our diamond to be polished and our light and genius to shine brightly.

The best time to start is now. We can take this journey together and share what works with each other (hence the blog format).

I hope to see you on our journey,