Weekly Discussion of an Inspirational Quote

Welcome to our weekly discussion of an inspirational saying.

You’ve probably heard stories of how two kids can grow up in the same family and have completely different experiences and memories of that time. It’s the same with words. We each interpret inspirational quotes based on our accumulated life experiences and filters etc.

All I ask is that each person who participates in the discussion be respectful and treat others with respect. We may not agree with another’s viewpoint or interpretation, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Other viewpoints can open up and expand our current perception, if we’re open to it.

When the Dalai Lama was in Vancouver in 2005 (or so) he shared that in the beginning he thought Buddhism was the only way. As he met people, of varying religious beliefs, around the world he began to see that there is no one right way.

Each Monday I’ll post a quote we can discuss. I look forward to hearing your thoughts…


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