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Meditations for Manifestation CD by Wayne Dyer

Does your mind run wild when you sit down to meditate? If so, this guided meditation led by Wayne Dyer may be just what you’re looking for. The CD includes a morning and night meditation in which you voice “power sounds” such as “AH” and “OM.” I have found the meditations rather relaxing. meditations

Insight and Focus
by Immrama

The Insight CD or MP3 will guide you into a deep meditative state that enhances your awareness and decreases stress. Insight has three tracks, each 24 minutes in length. You can listen to one, two or all three tracks.

The Focus CD or MP3 will help you increase your concentration, focus and creativity. You can use it while working on your computer, studying, or just relaxing. Disc 1 contains one 72-minute track titled Clarity. It is intended for listening in situations that require relaxed concentration, such as reading or engaging in a hobby. Disc 2 contains two tracks: 1) a 50-minute Focus track to be used when performing activities that require attention to detail; and (2) a 22-minute Envision track to boost creativity.

Both audios use Immrama’s brain entrainment audio technology designed to create lasting change. You can choose rain or ocean waves as the background.

Wild Divine

Go on a journey into the Wild Divine with this biofeedback-based computer adventure game. Learn how to use your thoughts, feelings and breath to navigate through the game while learning valuable relaxation and meditation skills in the process.

Relaxing Rhythms

Relaxing Rhythms is a interactive 15-step guided relaxation program that uses biofeedback technology. You’ll be lead through relaxation and mediation activities by leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Joan Borysenko. You can use your new skills when you learn to use your laughter to juggle and meditate to open doors.