Believe in Yourself

“You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing.”
– Denis Waitley

Logan and Noah Miller are two people who live this quote, especially the trickier “believing is seeing” part.  In their book – “You’re In or You’re In The Way” – the Miller brothers relive the physical and mental journey it took to accomplish their goal of creating a movie about their Dad.

Not only were Logan and Noah rookies, having never made a film before (let alone written one) but they also had no financing whatsoever. Just a dream…

6 Things I Learned from Logan and Noah Miller

1. Trust yourself no matter what

Logan and Noah trusted their instincts, even when everyone – professionals and friends – were telling them they were wrong or that it had never been done that way before. Regardless of what others thought, they held steadfast to their instincts.

2. You have to want it… very, very, very much!

Despite the anxiety and sleepless nights, the Miller brothers continued toward their vision. There were so many challenges along the way that anyone with less conviction would have quit. They had vowed to their Dad that they would make this movie (Touching Home) about their Dad and that Ed Harris would play him. Nothing was going to stop them.

3. Miracles happen when you believe

When you have a clear vision, an unwavering desire to make it a reality, and trust your instincts – the universe provides the right person or resource at the right time… again and again and again.

4. Take risks

Just to meet Ed Harris, the brothers had to think out of the box and take risks. They had to go against the status quo and damn the consequences.

5. Teamwork

It helps to have a brother who wants what you want. It also helps to have friends and family who believe in you and who will support you to go after your dreams. Build your own team!

6. You’re either committed or you’re not

As per the apt title of the book: “You’re Either In or You’re In the Way.” Choose to do whatever you need to do to reach your goal or get out of the way.

Either You're In or You're In the Way book cover Touching Home DVD cover

The book was so captivating I didn’t want to put it down.

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