Inspiring People – Grandma Moses

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
– C.S. Lewis

Grandma Moses was born in 1860 and when she died at age 101 she was remembered as an important American folk artist. President John F. Kennedy even gave a tribute to her upon news of her passing.

She began painting when she was 76 because arthritis made embroidery impossible. This led to her first exhibit three years later in 1939. She was self-taught so there was no long drawn out training for Grandma Moses.  She just took action and painted.

In a span of 25 years she created over 1000 paintings, at what seems to me an astounding output of 40 per year, including 25 after her 100th birthday.

In 2004 one of her painting was appraised by the Antique Roadshow at $60,000. (There is a photo of the painting at the link above.) And to think she was selling them for under $10 at the beginning.

To read more about Grandma Moses visit: NY Times

P.S. You’re still going to be same age 5 years from now whether you start to pursue your dream or not. The difference will be in your quality of life and your vitality etc… 😉

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