Rhema Marvanne – Young Gospel Singer

Sometimes I’ll flip to 20/20 at the top of the hour to see what stories they’ll be covering. Often they’re violent in nature so I quickly switch channels.

Friday, December 10th was different. One of the stories was about 7 year old gospel singer Rhema Marvanne, whose mother had died in 2008 from cancer. Rhema’s youtube videos had been viewed by millions upon millions.

So I watched…

When her Mom Wendi was battling cancer, her parents thought it was important for Rhema to see both sides of life – the happiness and the suffering. Her Dad, Teton, felt Rhema would be a stronger person if they didn’t shelter her from life.

After her Mom died Rhema’s Dad taught her gospel songs. Rema’s favorite song? Amazing Grace – because it’s her Mom’s favorite. In the words of Rema: “My mother was amazing and she had a lot of grace in her heart.” Plus when she sings she can feel her Mom’s spirit.

Here’s Rhema singing Amazing Grace:

The fact that Rhema sang the Star Spangled Banner before a huge crowd at a Dallas Cowboys game, let alone sang it well, is amazing itself. Not all who attempt the US anthem, even some professional singers, can sing it as well – especially when the song is echoing back in the arena.

For more about Rhema visit her site at: http://rhemamarvanne.com

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4 Responses to Rhema Marvanne – Young Gospel Singer

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  2. Tom Mc Namara says:

    We live in Ireland and love music. This child has a gift that can only prove that there is a greater power that oversees us all. Her Mother must be guiding her and watching over her. If she ever visits Ireland we would love to see and hear her. Her Dad should take comfort from listening to her and must ease the pain of her Mother been taken at such a young age.

  3. keith says:

    Very God given talent

  4. Denise Slater says:

    I am from the Cayman Is lands in the Caribbean. My heart has been touched by the beautiful voice of such young child. When she sings my body tremble, knowing she is singing to the glory of God. She has made it to the top forty chart on gospel music here. I pray that God will continue to keep her and her family in His arms.
    Love you RHEMA

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